What to see, what to do around ?


The peninsula of Samana, in its diversity, is a concentrate of everything Dominican Republic can offer to his visitors

Pristine beaches, fringed by coconut trees where you can walk for an hour or two, a warm sea. Everyone here will find his account: the one born on the other side of the Atlantic who comes especially for a calm and relaxing trip, the swimmer who can enjoy the natural protective cove made ​​of rocks and sand, to the discoverer who is avid of underwater snorkelling in a beautiful turquoise sea.

If you decide to go climbing by foot, horseback riding or go on a quad excursion, the sea of ​​Lomas (name of the hills here), is covered with lush vegetation and small native villages are nested and deserve to be seen. They emanate with Creole bright colors.

You can also go by sea for some scuba diving to explore the coral reef, or for a fishing trip with a sailor who knows all the nice Dominican areas. It is also only by sea that you can discover the enchanting park of “Los Haitises”.Finally, between December and March, you can have the chance to see humpback whales before they migrate to the north of Canada.

A lifetime wouldn’t be enough to discover all the wonders of the peninsula of Samana. So for your stay, whatever its duration, you should find what you have come to seek: happiness.

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